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Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard provides a full set of professional tools for graphic design, page layout, and image editing – and for publishing creative content to mobile devices, the web, print, and tablets. The Design Standard suite comprises four industry-standard software programs that are essential to print designers and digital publishing professionals: Photoshop CS6, InDesign CS6, Illustrator CS6, Acrobat X Pro, Bridge CS6, and Media Encoder CS6.

The CS6 versions of the individual programs enjoy speed and performance enhancements, thanks to the Mercury Graphics Engine that’s in Photoshop and the Mercury Performance System of Illustrator. Both these software elements enable your 64-bit computer to address full system RAM in order to speed imaging and processing tasks and that once slowed down your workflow. With that extra processing power, you can enjoy the expanded capabilities of all the programs. Photoshop CS6, for instance, offers a Contact-Aware Patch that allows you to choose a sample area that serves as the basis for a patch. Illustrator enables you to convert raster images into editable, scalable vectors – the program’s bread and butter.

As the definition of “publishing” expands, so too do the functions of Adobe InDesign. Even before the CS6 version, the program had already embraced publishing interactive page layouts to iPads and other tablets, e-book readers, and other digital devices. You can create several different layouts to serve different display dimensions, and save them all within a single file. Liquid Layout automatically resizes your layout based on page size.

Creative Suite 6 Design Standard serves the design and publishing professional whose demands grow as quickly as technology advances. Photoshop CS6, for instance, now offers basic video editing functions with transitions and effects. Bridge CS6 digital asset management software is a powerful photo and design organizer that provides centralized access to all your creative assets. Media Encoder CS6 automates the process of creating multiple encoded versions of source files, Adobe Premiere Pro sequences, and Adobe After Effects compositions. As the required tasks of your profession creep over from other professional realms, Adobe continues to refine the interface and workflow of its Creative Suite applications. Your job might not be getting any simpler, but Adobe CS6 Design Standard helps you keep pace with expanded functions, improved performance, and streamlined workflow.

New for Photoshop CS6

Retouching Magic

Retouch images with astonishing ease and precision. Patch images with greater control using Content-Aware Patch, which allows you to choose the sample area that Content-Aware will use to magically create your patch

Astonishing Performance

Experience blazing-fast interactions when editing with key tools such as Crop, Transform, Liquify, and Puppet Warp. The Mercury Graphics Engine delivers unprecedented speed and responsiveness for a fluid feel as you work


Some Adobe Photoshop GPU-enabled features are not supported on Windows XP

Video Editing

Edit video in Photoshop to include in your digital publishing projects. Quickly combine clips and stills using transitions, audio, and effects, such as pan and zoom

Faster Design Tasks

Finesse details quickly with new and reengineered tools. Apply type styles, use vector layers to apply strokes and add gradients to vector objects, create custom strokes and dashed lines, quickly search layers, and more

Crop Tool

Crop images quickly and precisely using the hardware-accelerated, nondestructive Crop tool. Manipulate your images on canvas and see the adjustments live

Blur Gallery

Quickly create photographic blur effects using a simple interface with on-image controls. Create tilt-shift effects, blur everything and then sharpen one focal point, or vary the blurriness between multiple focal points

Improved Auto-Corrections

Enhance your images with improved Auto Curves, Levels, and Brightness/Contrast controls. Intelligence from thousands of hand-retouched images is built-in to provide a better starting point for making adjustments

Background Save

Protect against losing your work during unexpected shutdowns. Auto-save your edits without interrupting your progress, and keep working while saving even the largest Photoshop files in the background

Scripted Patterns

Generate geometric pattern fills more easily with new Scripted Patterns

Dozens of Time-Savers

Experience more than 50 creativity and productivity boosts directly requested by users

New for Illustrator CS6

Mercury Performance System

Work blazingly fast – even with processing-intensive effects such as blurs, glows, and drop shadows that used to slow you down. Access all the RAM on your system thanks to native 64-bit support on both Mac OS and Windows

Easy Pattern Creation

Easily create seamlessly tiled vector patterns. Experiment freely with repeating patterns that can be edited at any time

Image Trace

Convert raster images to editable vectors with a completely new tracing engine. Get clean lines, accurate fitting, and reliable results without dealing with complex controls

Gradients on Strokes

Apply gradients to your strokes – along the length, across the width, or within the stroke itself – all with complete control over gradient placement and opacity

Enhanced User Interface

Perform daily tasks such as editing layer names and selecting fonts in fewer steps. Keep the focus on your artwork with an adjustable-brightness “dark UI”

New for InDesign CS6

Multiple Layout Versions in One File

Efficiently manage multiple layouts based on a single set of content. Use Alternate Layout to create multiple versions in one document. Use Liquid Layout to automate layout resizing based on page size

Content Linking Across Documents

Link content that appears in multiple InDesign documents so that changes made to parent text or objects are applied automatically to all linked children objects. Save time and avoid hassles when making last-minute changes

PDF Forms

Use InDesign to add form fields to a layout. Include standard elements such as text fields, radio buttons, and checkboxes, and export the form as a PDF file for online publishing

Small, High-Impact Enhancements

Take advantage of over a dozen enhancements – including page-specific PPI, split window views, a list of recently used fonts, and persistent text frame fitting options – to help you fly through production tasks without compromising quality

Bridge CS6

Cross-Platform, 64-bit Support

Take advantage of 64-bit support for excellent performance in Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw, especially with large files and while browsing, searching, organizing, and viewing your creative assets

Adobe Mini Bridge

Access all your creative assets within the context of what you’re working on with Adobe Mini Bridge, a customizable panel within Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Photoshop Extended software. Sort and filter, then drag files right into your document

Display of Linked Files in InDesign Documents

Quickly access every component of your page layouts with the ability to browse linked files in InDesign documents from within Adobe Bridge

JPEG Export

Convert any supported graphic, image, or document in Adobe Bridge into JPEG format for an easy way to share files via web galleries, email, and more

Custom Image Sizing and PDF Watermarks

Enjoy more control when creating web galleries. Add watermarks to PDF files, resize images precisely, and click once to display filenames in HTML and SWF galleries

Flexible Batch Processing

Save time by using Adobe Bridge to batch process raw files or quickly conduct batch renaming. Use a simple Find and Replace command, and customize your dialog box by moving fields around with drag-and-drop ease

Drag-and-Drop Capability Between Applications

Easily place Illustrator files in InDesign layouts, create new Smart Objects in Photoshop, and more with the ability to drag and drop files between Adobe Bridge CS6 or Adobe Mini Bridge and other Creative Suite 6 components

Editable Path Bar

Move among folders more easily thanks to an improved navigation bar

Centralized Color Settings

Set color preferences from a centralized Bridge panel for more consistent color in your projects and files. This single set of preferences controls color settings for Photoshop, Photoshop Extended, Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe Acrobat X Pro

Media Encoder CS6

Preset Browser

Access commonly used settings immediately using the Preset Browser. Organize presets by category, set favorites, and customize your most frequently used encoding presets

Fast, Sure Output to Virtually any Screen

Quickly and easily output your work for virtually any video or device format. Customize, set, and organize your favorite presets in the Preset Browser for fast export and batch encoding in the background

Performance and Stability

Use Watch Folders to quickly encode video from a single source to multiple output formats

ARRIRAW, RED EPIC, and RED Scarlet-X Support

Import your ARRIRAW, 5K RED EPIC, and RED Scarlet-X footage directly into Adobe Media Encoder CS6 for transcoding to HD and SD formats

Presets for Devices and Formats

Quickly and easily encode video by using presets that help ensure your video looks great on popular devices, platforms, and formats, including Android, iOS, YouTube, Vimeo, HDTV, and more

Background Batch Encoding

Work more efficiently when transcoding. Adobe Media Encoder transcodes files in the background, freeing your system for other tasks. This is particularly important with 4K and 5K workflows that normally tax your system

Source Settings Applied to Encoding

Streamline your encoding workflow by automatically matching encoding settings to those of the original Adobe Premiere Pro source sequence or Adobe After Effects composition

Drag-and-Drop Encoding

Drag and drop sequences from Adobe Premiere Pro and compositions from After Effects directly into Adobe Media Encoder, which can then encode them immediately

Convenient Watch Folder Workflow

Set Adobe Media Encoder to watch a folder. Automatically encode files arriving in the folder in a format you specify. Each watch folder can be set to encode in multiple formats

Metadata Output Templates

Preserve metadata in encoded outputs to make production more efficient and enhance usability, or clear metadata before distribution to protect confidential production data

Interpret Footage Options

Override automatic interpretation of the frame rate, pixel aspect ratio, field order, or alpha channel settings of items you import into Adobe Media Encoder

Crop and Trim Control

Easily crop the frame size and trim the in and out points of a clip or sequence

Support for Still Image Sequences

Automatically encode a numbered sequence of still images as a single video clip, or convert any source file into a still image sequence

Adobe Flash Professional Cue Points from Metadata

Create FLV and F4V clips from Adobe Flash Professional software with XMP cue points, which can be automatically read from the source, imported from an XML file, or manually entered in the Export Settings dialog box

FTP Export

Upload files to an FTP server that has storage space allocated for file sharing. This feature is especially useful for transferring large files over the Internet

MPEG Export Options

Control how MPEG video and audio data are merged into a single stream or, conversely, split into separate streams

Other Features

Breakthrough Image Editing in Photoshop

Deliver eye-catching results with the industry standard in digital imaging. Enjoy creative freedom and precise control when refining and compositing images, applying artistic effects, and painting with versatile brush tools

Distinctive Vector Graphics in Illustrator

Create top-quality vector artwork for any project, from logos to illustrations for advertising, packaging, signage, and more. Use precise drawing tools and expressive natural brushes to create graphics that get noticed

Professional Page Layout in InDesign

Lay out, preflight, and produce stunning page layouts with intuitive design software that offers precise control over typography and built-in tools for creative effects

Tablet Publications in InDesign

Use InDesign to create media-rich publications for the iPad and other tablet devices. Add interactive elements such as pan and zoom, slide shows, audio, and video. Upload to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for distribution

E-Book Authoring in InDesign

Create engaging e-books with refined typography and images that resize automatically to fit any screen. Add video and audio for eBook mobile devices that support HTML5 video and audio tags, and take advantage of its support for the EPUB3 standard

Robust Preflighting

Prepare files for hassle-free production for print layouts by finding errors in InDesign with Live Preflight, or by using robust preflight checks and fixes in Adobe Acrobat X Pro

Efficient Delivery of Accessible Documents

Apply accessibility rules in InDesign – including tab and read-aloud order – and then check, adjust, and validate accessible PDF documents in Acrobat Pro

PDF File Creation, Editing & Delivery

Distribute layouts reliably using Acrobat X Pro to create simple PDF documents and package layouts, drawings, images, video, audio, and other files in a single polished PDF Portfolio

Performance on 64-Bit Operating Systems

Take advantage of the full power and performance of 64-bit Windows and Mac OS systems. Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator are 64-bit-native for lightning-fast creativity and production

Visual Media Browsing

Find files fast by browsing thumbnails instead of filenames with Adobe Bridge. Or browse thumbnails and place files from the Mini Bridge panel in Photoshop and InDesign

Integration with Other Adobe Tools & Services

Enjoy integration with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Adobe Touch Apps within individual components of Design Standard