About Us


GETKEYNOW is dedicated to bring you 100% genuine software at the lowest prices with best quality.

 This is possible because we have built strong relationships for over 5 years with all the leading distributors throughout the world.

We also serve the needs of thousands of system builders and networking companies worldwide.

We also offer quantity discounts on most items. This commitment to our resellers has helped us grow exponentially over the years. We also sell directly to end user consumers offering prices 30 – 40% below retail store prices.

We offer toll free phone service and live chat to assist you with any questions regarding your purchase including installation of your newly purchased software. We guarantee the software you purchase from us is genuine. We also guarantee that it will install properly and register with the manufacturer. The product keys are the cheapest because we get it from Microsoft’s hot sale and big deal programs, Ebay Auctions and Black Fridays. All products are inspected upon arrival to our warehouse, to ensure that we keep our promise to you.

Whenever you want to have it, all you have to do is Add to cart and Payment. The Product Key and Link Download will be sent for you very soon within 8 hours from the time we receive money.

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